YSD Events: Redefining Wedding Elegance

In the realm of wedding planning, where every detail paints a part of a larger love story, YSD Events orchestrates celebrations that transcend the ordinary. With an illustrious background spanning fashion, public relations, and event production, the team at YSD Events has cemented their status as architects of unforgettable moments. Our conversation with them offered a glimpse into their world, where passion meets precision to create weddings that echo the unique tales of love.

The Journey to YSD Events

“Transitioning into wedding planning was seamless. We gained recognition for the chic, elegant, and wildly fun events we were planning for various American fashion designers and celebrity friends. Our professional focus evolved into YSD Events, a full-service luxury wedding, social, and corporate events planning company.,” they begin, reflecting on their origins. “With backgrounds and over 20 years of experience in fashion, public relations, and event production, we have developed a rich knowledge and understanding of what it takes to achieve a strong reputation for creating truly unforgettable moments.” Their first foray into wedding planning emerged from their success in crafting exclusive events for fashion designers and celebrities, laying the groundwork for the birth of YSD Events - a haven for luxury wedding, social, and corporate event planning.

The Joy of Creating Dreams

“We enjoy working on the event design process with our clients and trusted partners to create the extraordinary. Weddings are the most personal events that should reflect the spirit of the client - every wedding should have its personality and style,” they share. This client-centric approach ensures that every wedding they plan is imbued with personality and distinction.

A Philosophy of Unforgettable Experiences

“We focus on planning through an experiential lens which means that our main objective is for us to give your guests an experience that is unique and one that they will never forget.”- Brad Frey & Justin Scalzo. It's this emphasis on experiential planning that sets YSD Events apart, guiding them to curate weddings that are not just celebrations, but once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Customized Planning for Every Dream

Recognizing the diverse needs of their clients, YSD Events prides itself on offering tailored planning services. “We offer full-service event planning.” Their flexibility and dedication ensure that each wedding is a perfect reflection of the couple's desires.

A Memorable Celebration of Love

Reflecting on the weddings they've orchestrated, one stands out: “Planning Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky's wedding was an extraordinary experience. The wedding took place at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee over 4 incredible early summer days. It was truly a spectacular and intimate wedding. We were able to take over the entire farm and transform many of the spaces into our unique environments.” This wedding exemplifies YSD Events' ability to bring to life the most lavish and personalized celebrations.

Navigating Challenges with Finesse

“The global pandemic was the greatest challenge that we were faced with in the past,” they recall. “Luckily enough, we had a hold on the South Florida market which happened to be one of the few places on the globe where gatherings were able to take place. It was important for us to be responsible and health conscious so we provided on-site COVID-19 testing for events during this time so that our guests were able to celebrate safely.” Their proactive approach during such uncertain times highlighted their unwavering commitment to their client's dreams.

Insights on Budgeting and Planning

“Come up with a budget that you are comfortable spending and communicate that budget to us from the beginning of our relationship,” they advise. “We are always mindful of your bottom line and strive to present options that will work within your budget.” Their expertise in managing budgets ensures that every couple can achieve their vision within their means.

Dreaming of the Ultimate Venue

When asked about their dream venue, they didn't hesitate: “The Palais Garnier in Paris.” This place is the epitome of their dream wedding venue. Its historical grandeur and beauty offer a canvas unlike any other. This aspiration speaks to their pursuit of creating unparalleled wedding experiences.

Through their dedication to excellence and creativity, YSD Events not only plans weddings but crafts bespoke experiences that stand as a testament to love's enduring beauty.

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