Best South Florida Wedding Planners

Your wedding day will most certainly be filled with special moments — from your romantic “I do” to your dazzling first dance. Celebrating your love at your perfect South Florida wedding is really something to look forward to.

South Florida boasts waterfront views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It features metropolitan cities as well as quaint towns that stretch all the way down through the Florida Keys. This means you can opt to have your South Florida wedding with your toes in the sand on a gorgeous beach, surrounded by art in a historic museum, in the middle of a lush garden, or in a luxurious ballroom.

So much goes into planning a wedding. Long before the walk down the aisle begins, a couple must decide on the perfect venue as well as their team of wedding vendors. From design and florals to photography and entertainment, there are hundreds of details to tend to before your wedding day. That’s where a wedding planner comes in.

A talented wedding planner will ensure that everything gets done to create the wedding you are envisioning. They will create timelines, coordinate your venue, vendors, and guests — and be there to ensure that every moment is as beautiful and meaningful as planned.

We’ve curated a list of the 31 best wedding planners in South Florida. These top wedding planners know how to plan, design, and produce a celebration that captures your unique love and style. 

What to Know: Justin Scalzo, Co-Founder of YSD Events, says, “With our backgrounds in fashion, public relations, and event production, we approach each event as an opportunity to showcase the unexpected. We focus on planning through an experiential lens; which means that giving your guests an experience that is unique and one that they will never forget is of utmost importance.”

What to See: Scalzo shares of this historic wedding, “We recently planned and produced the 1st wedding to be hosted on the Front Lawn of The Breakers Hotel in its 125 year history. We utilized many spaces throughout this iconic property and focused on giving the guests separate and distinct experiences throughout the evening by creating unexpected environments that related to each other in some way.”

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