“Brad and Justin from YSD Events are amazing!  We hired Brad and Justin seven weeks before my daughter's wedding.  I had to fire our previous planner because she was a disaster!  We were so incredibly fortunate that YSD Events had our date open.  They had a Friday wedding that weekend but were available for our Saturday wedding.

I wish that I had found Brad and Justin at the beginning of our wedding planning process.  They were incredible!  Things were a mess when they took over from the previous planner.  I felt less anxious with every day that passed while working with them.  They are so thoughtful, calming, and incredibly organized.  I think that I thanked them daily because I knew that they would guarantee that my daughter's wedding was spectacular and it was!  They worked so hard with all of our vendors and I know that the vendors were relieved and grateful to be working with them!

I could go on forever with my review.  All I can say is that Brad and Justin were attentive, caring, and organized.  When I called them with a question or concern, I always found they were one step ahead and had already taken care of it without mention.  Their timelines for the day of the wedding were incredibly detailed.  Every minute was accounted for!

We were so fortunate and grateful that we had Brad and Justin as our wedding planners for my daughter’s magical wedding!” 

-Ann Marie H

“You created such a beautiful environment.  It was truly magical, mysterious, and seductive.  Thank you.”

-Vera Wang


“This is a talented team trusted for product launches of fashion lines, as well as the private dinners of celebrities, fundraisers for important non-profits, and customized brand-building experiential events for brands like Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and Interview Magazine, just to name a few. The team at YSD prides themselves on knowing where to find the best of everything, such as the top caterers, sommeliers, floral arrangements, etc. If you need to put together an event for important clients, you can rest easy knowing YSD has your back.” 


“Thank you YSD Events.  Your vision, dedication, and brilliance elevates us all.”

-Ovando New York 


"Brad and Justin from YSD Events are absolutely awesome. They are completely professional, while also being personable and fun to work with. They walk you through every step of the process to make things as easy as possible. I would recommend them to anyone looking to plan the wedding of their dreams!"

-Zach D


“Brad & Justin are world class.  Their service, attention to detail, and professionalism is outstanding. We had high expectations for our wedding planning and YSD exceeded them.  Highly recommended if you want the best.”

-David F


“I cannot say enough good things about YSD Events!  My husband and I are resident physicians living in the Northeast and we were planning a destination wedding in Palm Beach, Florida.  Due to our busy schedules and distance from our wedding venue, we really needed a dependable planner to help us pull it off.  Unfortunately, we had to fire our previous wedding planner a mere 7 weeks before the wedding due to multiple issues.  I was extremely worried about the wedding and was in a bit of a panic about what to do without a wedding planner.  Miraculously, Brad & Justin had the day of our wedding free in a busy spring wedding season and we hired them immediately. 

Brad & Justin swooped in and quite literally saved our wedding.  They ensured all of our contracts with our vendors were still valid despite the last minute switch in planners and immediately became our liaison for our vendors taking control of all communication.  This allowed me to focus on work and the “bigger picture” of the wedding.  Above all, they were in constant communication with me and my mother so I knew everything was under control. 

An enormous weight was lifted off of my shoulders once we had Brad & Justin as our planners.  YSD Events made me feel like our wedding was the only one they were planning.  They truly cared about my happiness and demonstrated that in a million different ways.  One example had to do with our wedding cake.  With all the issues with our previous planner, our wedding cake maker fell through.  About a month before the wedding, my husband and I were making a last minute trip to Florida to finalize details.  I had mentioned to Brad and Justin that the wedding cake tasting was one thing my fiancé was really looking forward to.  Brad and Justin were able to get us a truly last minute cake tasting with an amazing cake baker who stayed open late for us in order to do the tasting.  We ended up hiring her and had an amazing groom’s cake and wedding cake!  

The day of the wedding, Brad & Justin lived up to their promise of making sure everything was perfect.  From the champagne handed out to our guests on arrival to the last song, every moment of our wedding was perfect and reflected the vision I had for the wedding.  They made sure everyone (including our large bridal party of 9 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen) was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there.  Every detail was taken care of.  I did not have to worry about a single thing and my husband and I were able to fully enjoy our wedding.  I cannot thank Brad & Justin enough for everything they did for us.  If you are considering hiring YSD Events for your wedding, DO IT!  They will make your happiness their priority and they will seriously move mountains to do it.”

-Julia H

“YSD Events was hired to assist our non-profit organization with a 20th Anniversary celebration.  They were bringing ideas and solutions to the table before they were even hired.  We appreciated their dedication to ensuring that our event would stay within our tight budget yet meet the expectations of the formal gathering that was expected. They designed and executed a beautiful event that is still being buzzed about today.”

-Kay P


“Five stars is not enough for YSD Events!  Brad and Justin are truly exceptional, have impeccable taste, and are more organized than anyone I've ever met.  There's no one better to trust with your big day.  They pay attention to every detail and have problems resolved before you even know they exist.  We had a very large and complicated wedding in NYC and these guys couldn't have been less phased by everything we threw their way.  From last minute requests to quirky additions, they always went above and beyond to make sure that we had the wedding of their dreams.  Our entire weekend was the most magical time of our lives and it 100% would not have happened without YSD Events.  From the first planning meeting until the last song of the night, Brad and Justin were on top of everything.  They were totally present and there for whatever any of us could have needed. I can’t recommend them strongly enough, especially if your goal is to have a more personalized and unique experience.” 

-Grace H


“Justin & Brad of YSD are the best of the best!  They are high touch event planners that are there for their clients every step of the way.  Their teamwork and positivity make wedding planning as effortless as it can possibly be.  I would recommend YSD to anyone planning a wedding, whether a destination or local.  No detail is too small and they think of everything to help make your day as special as can be.”

-Kelsey G

“Brad and Justin know exactly what they are doing in every situation.  My nonprofit was blessed to have their generosity in not only planning our 20th Anniversary Gala in NYC but also helping plan a last-minute event in Washington, D.C.  Brad and Justin handled our chaotic event with grace and a level of expertness that cannot be surpassed while always wearing a smile.  When we were in a rut, they always had solid solutions to help problem solve.  I cannot recommend them both enough for the work they are experts in.  From after parties to galas, they know their stuff!”

-Danielle A

“Brad & Justin are truly one of a kind, top-notch, professional, and fun event planners!  Because of them, our wedding was gorgeous and seamless.  They took us to their recommended vendors who were all not only outstanding but also fairly priced.  Finding vendors can be overwhelming but Brad and Justin make it easy and comforting.  Not only were they available to us 24/7,  they truly made us feel special and took away all the wedding planning stress.  The whole process was fun and stress-free thanks to them!  On our wedding day, they made the ceremony and reception seamless and perfect.  We’ve been to a lot of weddings where there is chaos, delays, and confusion.  This will surely not occur on a YSD Event.  Brad and Justin will make sure all your guests feel welcomed and make sure everything goes off without a hitch.  They are beyond professional as they work with Vera Wang and other widely recognized household names, so you know they are going to be top of the line.  All my family and guests were raving about them and how impressed they were.  They were very honest and real when it came to our budget and helping us decide what was most important and what to forgo.  They worked with our budget but also gave us the freedom and options to go above and beyond.  We can’t say enough about YSD and if you’re lucky enough to get these guys, your wedding will be a dream!” 

-Evin T

“My wife and I got married last month and we signed YSD Events as our wedding planners/producers and they were absolutely amazing!  They guided us through the whole process, recommended the best vendors, helped us personalize the wedding, and were available anytime we needed them. They helped a lot in managing our wedding stress.  The big day finally arrived, and they coordinated every detail perfectly.  My family and friends are still raving about their experience at our wedding.  Justin and Brad are pros and know what they’re doing.  If you hire them, they will make sure Your Special Day is perfect in every way.” 

-Freddy M

“My now husband and I knew immediately that we wanted to spend our journey together.  We found YSD Events online and sent them a message.  We received a call within minutes and we met with them on the same day.  We are very spontaneous and we set the date of the wedding before even researching venue availability.  This gave Brad and Justin 3 months to create the perfect day.  They created a perfect day for us and went above and beyond.  They kept the planning on schedule and found our venue, planned the entertainment, managed the catering, organized the invitations, etc.  It is one week after our wedding and our feet are still off the ground.  They put together the perfect day for us and they took care of every detail.  We will recommend them over and over again. Thank you, Brad and Justin, of YSD Events!”

-Darin B

“Brad and Justin were amazing!  It was such a pleasure to work with 2 exceptionally professional, gregarious and polite individuals.  Every question/problem that may have arisen was immediately addressed and taken care of.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an amazing wedding with every detail small or large handled quickly, politely and efficiently.”

-Terri A

“We planned our wedding in a very short time. We had only two months to prepare. Without YSD Events, we would never have had such a perfect wedding. They helped us tremendously. The preparation was stress-free and our actual wedding day was flawless, not one thing had failed. We are very thankful for such a professional organization, and we would recommend YSD Events to anyone for a perfect wedding.” 

-Anna R

“YSD Events was a lifesaver.  We could not have done it without them. Brad and Justin made our special day run so smoothly and stress-free -  they are priceless!  I can't express how thankful and grateful I am for what they did for us.”

-Frank T

“Thank you Justin and Brad at YSD Events for helping us create the best day of our lives!!! I’m just getting over the euphoria of the whole weekend, and we feel like it all happened so perfectly and seamlessly because of you two. From helping us decide on our fantastic cover band to helping to design the beautiful floral centerpieces, both of you were there at ever step of the way to get it done to perfection. We can’t say enough about how great it was working with you! Thanks, again, for your dedication to perfecting our day.”

-Kristine N

“I recently got married in South Florida. My wife tasked me with putting together the rehearsal dinner and the welcome drinks for everyone visiting from out-of-town. Brad and Justin worked with me to organize, plan, and set up everything. They are the best. My wife and I live in NYC, so when we went down to Miami to visit the venue we had chosen for the wedding, we also decided to check out places for the rehearsal. Brad and Justin set up appointments with rehearsal dinner venues for us to visit in less than 24hrs notice, and the choices were incredible!

Ultimately, we decided on The Faena Hotel Miami Beach for our rehearsal dinner.  Brad was able to work out an incredible deal and we received a bunch of add-ons for no additional charge. We were unable to make time to visit 'welcome party’ location venues and had to head back to NYC without a decision.  Brad and Justin were extremely accommodating and FaceTimed us from various venues so we could see them.  They made great suggestions, and we decided on an awesome venue that worked out perfectly for us.  Of course, they got us another great deal.

Brad and Justin’s help didn’t end there.  They were present throughout the duration of the wedding to make sure everything went perfectly. If you are looking for a team that will anticipate and take care of any issues before they arise, they are the events team for you.  I cannot thank these guys enough.  You will be saying the same thing when you hire them.”

-Matt B

      “Brad and Justin were amazing to work with. They were patient with us, they kept us focused, and made many great recommendations. We had no idea how to plan a wedding, and they took great care of us. Our wedding turned out even more beautifully than we had imagined. They were truly a pleasure to work with and thought of every detail.  We would definitely recommend them!”

-Joe P

“We had a last minute and unexpected change of venue and couldn't have been more thrilled! Our original location cancelled 4 weeks prior to the wedding.

This turned out to be a blessing in every possible way!  I needed help fast, and a friend recommended that I call Brad and Justin of YSD Events.  I was fortunate enough to meet them the next day, looked at several venues, and made the selection. At that point they began handling every detail necessary to help me move the upcoming wedding to a new location that had many different requirements than the original. 

They negotiated to help keep our costs with the venue change in line with our budget. Every detail no matter how small was taken care of. When we needed a vendor, they had several to suggest (they were not only very good they were very reasonable), and when we needed ideas for favors or guest welcome bags they had suggestions. They thought of so many simple ideas that really made the entire event so much more memorable. On the day of the wedding, they thought of everything. A wonderful gal stayed with the bride to help with last-minute needs and all of the running around with gifts, cake top etc. was taken care of. We could enjoy the event. They were amazing! In less than 4 short weeks they took an overwhelming and daunting job and helped make it a wonderful event. I wish we had been working with them from the beginning!!! They are the best!!!

I would highly highly recommend them!!!!”

-Susan M

“They were amazing to work with. Our wedding turned out even more beautifully than we had imagined. Brad and Justin were truly a pleasure to work with and thought of every detail. We would definitely recommend them!”

-Michelle B  

“Brad and Justin were one of my favorite parts of my wedding. They helped with our wedding planning and planned our rehearsal dinner, as well.

We had a few bumps in our journey as our venue cancelled our NYE Miami beach wedding two months out due to hurricane damage and we had to find a new venue… on South Beach… on New Year’s Eve! The odds were stacked against us for sure, but Brad and Justin guided us through finding a new venue and were so helpful in our time of peak planning stress.  Justin and Brad were so fun and did a great job planning our rehearsal events, as well. Every detail was perfectly thought out from the busses, cocktails, down to the floral arrangements. Everything was perfect. At one point our entire rehearsal party was chanting their names on the bus back from dinner... Needless to say I would recommend them to anyone.”

-Christina C

“We can’t say enough about YSD Events! We used Justin and Brad to plan our bohemian Tulum Wedding on the beach in Mexico. 

Every step of the way, they were there to make us feel comfortable and coordinate all the details with our vendors in a timely manner.  They are so detail oriented and thought of everything and more to help create our magical day. We couldn’t have had a better experience with them. THANK YOU!! We will be using YSD Events for my company’s corporate holiday events for this year, as well.” 

-Tyler S

“I hired Brad and Justin from YSD Events to plan and produce my wedding in Los Angeles. They helped me secure top entertainment that really impressed my guests.

The planning process was seamless from beginning to end, and they were accessible to me around the clock and very pleasant and enjoyable to work with on every level. Their clientele and past events speak for themselves and their negotiation skills are second to none. I have referred them on many occasions and can’t wait to plan my next milestone with them. Thanks for everything!”

-Neda R

“If we could give then more than 5 stars, we would. Justin and Brad were phenomenal! They were everything we could ever ask for in wedding planners. They took the time to listen to exactly what we wanted and delivered a wedding that was more than we could have ever dreamed or imagined possible. I highly recommend them!!!”

-Annaliese R

“Thank you so much to Brad and Justin of YSD Events!!! The work they provided was beyond outstanding!

Having been married in Florida and residing in Massachusetts, both Brad and Justin did everything in their power to assure I received everything I wanted. The level of communication and attention to detail was superb. They kept me in the loop every step of the way. They provided incredible recommendations; from the actual venue, to the vendors, all the way down to the chair covers. They made wonderful accommodations when I was informed last minute of guests not being able to attend. It was their mission to assure my wedding day was the best, and they most certainly delivered! I would recommend Brad and Justin in a heartbeat! You both are great! Very professional, kind, and excellent at what you do! Thanks again!!!”

-Phylicia L

“Thanks to Brad and Justin of YSD Events! The work you both provided was amazing. All of your hard work and dedication gave my wife the wedding of her dreams. I am truly grateful for all you have done and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of our wedding. I would highly recommend Brad and Justin for any wedding needs.”

-Shawn D 

“These guys GET IT!  The team at YSD Events is extremely detail oriented and will understand your vision.  We had a perfect day without a single glitch!  They are experts at what they do and know.  They eliminate the event planning stress and are always accessible when questions arise.  We will use YSD Events again in the future.  Thank you Brad and Justin!”

-Dominick S 

“Hiring YSD Events was singlehandedly the best decision my husband and I made. Beyond 5 star service! We worked very closely with Justin and Brad for a little over a year planning our wedding. They kept us on track throughout. In fact, they never missed a beat! They made solid and consistent recommendations in regards to wedding venues, vendors, and wedding day order of events. Ultimately, our wedding day was pure bliss and perfection! We were able to be in the moment and relish in the fact that we were embarking upon a lifelong milestone. For that, I will forever be grateful. We're actually saddened by the fact that we don’t have a reason to speak regularly with Justin and Brad. Over the past year, here are a few moments that stood out to me: 1. Immediately after the wedding recession, my husband and I were greeted with the warmest embraces from Justin and Brad. “You guys did it!” was what Justin said to me. It still brings tears to my eyes writing this. So sweet and compassionate... our journey to marriage was theirs as well! 2. They organized a personalized design meeting with our florist. My husband and I literally witnessed the birth and superseding of our bouquets and boutonnière expectations/ideas. 3. The ease of making and executing all the special accommodations for our family/bridal party with disabilities. They were extremely thoughtful and provided my husband and I sound suggestions that didn’t highlight anyone’s disabilities. However, their suggestions provided those members comfort and ease which allowed them to fully experience and participate in our wedding. 4. During our menu tasting, I was blown away by their organization and knowledge of details pertaining to our venue/vendor contracts. 5. Lastly, Brad and Justin literally saved us a lot of money. Again, they provided great anecdotal advice against a wedding addition. Thankfully, my husband and I took their advice because we would have wasted thousands.”

-Kim M



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